Avital Oliver

I write about topics in mathematics, statistics and {machine,deep} learning as I work on them or learn about them.

About me

I’m current a Google Brain resident. Previous I interned at OpenAI.

I spent most of my early years studying and teaching mathematics, culminating in an M.Sc. in mathematics, a year as a visiting student at Rutgers, and founding an informal school of mathematics.

I’ve also been a professional software engineer, on and off, for almost two decades. Most recently, I was a very early employee at Meteor (complete open-source javascript platform, over 35k stars on GitHub) and Asana (real-time collaborative productivity software).

Right now I’m dedicating myself to studying statistics and machine learning. I’m especially interested in neural networks and Bayesian inference. I believe that the most robust methods and applications arise from strong foundations. I try to find, understand and explain those foundations.

Some other stuff I’ve done